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My MGB Story

Sales Advisor, Keiran Reid, gives an insight into owning his MGB 'Molly' and how he keeps the car in perfect condition.

This is my 1971 MGB GT. It was registered on Sunday 1st August 1971 and was supplied new to dealer J C Beadle at their showroom on Spital Street in Datford, Kent.

The building still stands as a Grade II listed building and is now a Wetherspoons, so even more of a reason to take the ‘B back there for a trip down memory lane. I’ve owned my GT ‘Molly’ for around a year and a half now, and ever since I’ve had no regrets.

When on the search for a classic car, I was looking for an example that was in good roadworthy condition whilst still needing work so I could gradually improve it. ‘Molly’ was the third MGB I viewed and from the second I saw her I just knew she’d tick all the boxes. The bumpers needed re-chroming, the paintwork needed a good polish & decontamination and some usual classic car tinkering under the bonnet; all things I was hoping to do from the very start of me wanting one.

Molly was a genuine car that told no lies and hid no secrets. The sellers were up most honest with the work required and the history that came with the car forwarded my want for it. The history has now been extended all the way back to the day she was built in the Abingdon factory thanks to a British Motor Heritage Certificate. One of its previous owners from years ago also came across my Instagram page by chance and was over the moon to have come across their old car they admitted regretted selling.

Living locally since birth, I’ve known about David Manners Group from an early age. My Dad also works in the classic car industry so I’ve grown up around classics and attended shows up and down the country. I’m also a big fan of Car SOS who has regularly filmed here so have known about the company for a while. Thanks to the wide array of parts in the MG/Triumph department I’m able to easily access spares to help keep Molly on the road. Supplying parts for classics all across the board; MGB’s, E-Type’s, Mk2’s , Mini’s etc personally gives me a sense of pride of keeping these fantastic pieces of history on the road.

Keeping the MG on the road and maintaining it is all part of the pride of ownership for me. MGB's in particular are great to drive. My knowledge beforehand wasn't particularly strong, so after a classic that was not only relatively easy to work on but for the parts to be readily available. Before becoming a member of the DMG team I was already a regular customer popping in for the odd cable or trim whilst passing.

I was previously working in the motoring industry but wasn’t directly involved with classic cars. When I became a member of the DMG team I was overly grateful of working for what is one of my two main passions. 

I’ll always perform the necessary checks before a longer journey out. Oil, coolant, tyres and lights I’ve got used to checking even before the car reverses out the garage. With it not being my daily car, it sits a bit longer than my daily MG TF. Tyres are a good pointer for this; not only checking for correct air pressure but for flat spots. Mine doesn’t sit long enough for flat spots to occur but it’s always worth the check. Since the day I bought the MGB home it’s only been smiles all round. It’s now become a member of the family.

Owning a classic car at a young age acts as not only a joy but a learning curve. Each little issue small or large has taught me something new about how the car works. Me and my Dad built a large Hornby model railway in my garage (Which we sold to make way for the MG) and used to love looking at the inner workings of the trains to see how they worked. It’s no different with the B. I found it near impossible to access something as simple as an oil filter in some modern vehicles without taking half the engine bay apart, so you’ll always find me in the garage tinkering with the MG in some form learning!

Being committee for the MG Car Club Young Members Branch also helps us to push the need for younger owners like myself to invest in classic cars. With fuel changes already threatening a possible uncertain future for historic vehicles, it’s important we push for it not to become a gradual dying trade in the next 50 odd years whilst also offering support and advice for us younger owners.

If you use Instagram you can follow my journeys working on and trips out with Molly, also now including my most recent acquisition an MG TF. @molly_the_mgbgt

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