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Meet 'Molly' the MGB GT! 

Keiran Reid at DMG tells us more about his pride and joy affectionately known as 'Molly' the MGB GT!

"I purchased my MGB GT back in November 2018. It is one of the last Mk2 MGB GT’s, registered on 1st August 1971. It once lived on the grounds off the Sandhurst Royal Military Academy in Berkshire. ‘Molly’ features her original recessed grille that’s nicknamed the ‘Fish Mouth’ these days. These were only made for around 2 years so not very common. It had a full nut and bolt restoration in 1998 (the same year I was born!) and has all documentation and photos from the restoration and other documents from the early 1980’s."

"Since I’ve owned the car it’s mostly been mechanical jobs I’ve undertaken both myself, with my Dad and my local MG specialist. I’ve so far replaced & upgraded the fuel pump, condenser, fuel sender unit, manifolds, rocker cover, a few interior trim pieces and stainless steel exhaust. I also had the bumpers & over riders re chromed this year. In the future I’m hoping to get a few cosmetic jobs sorted including some paintwork and changing over to wire wheels.

It’s not my daily car so doesn’t go out in the rain, but still gets plenty of use. I take it to as many shows as I can and meet up with friends and family. When I’m out and about, the car always turns heads and I’ll have people come over admiring it, and mostly saying “I used to have one of those!” Having waves and waving at other classic cars passing by is something that makes my journey’s even better."

"I’m a committee member for the MG Car Club Young Members Branch that’s chairman is Iwan in sales. We encourage the younger generation to invest in MG’s as they’re a great classic brand to invest in. Parts availability and their prices are usually very reasonable, and the big community means that expert knowledge and advice is a few seconds away from asking. 

I’m looking forward to many more happy adventures with the ‘B in the future. I’m planning a trip down to the Beaulieu Motor Museum with it so I can have some fun around the lovely roads of the New Forest. It will be on display at this year’s NEC Classic Motor Show so pop by and say hi if you’re coming."

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